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Raw Linters
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For raw Linters Producers

Key for a long term business with constant customers is constant and high Quality. The demand for high Quality raw Linters will strengthen.  The demand for low Quality raw Linters like for viscose will reduce. I name you the important Parameters, how to quantify them and show you how to produce best Quality.

  • highest Cellulose content
  • lowest dirt content
  • free from plastic   

For Linters pulp Producers

The positive Business trends are for

  • high-DP/viscosity grades that require cleanest raw linters
  • stricter environmental effluent control
  • less plastic contamination in the pulp
  • higher individual application Quality

I will consult you for

  • better aging resistance for paper grades
  • higher Alpha Cellulose content ( >99% )
  • higher brightness
  • lower dirt count for all grades
  • lower ash content ( <.0.03% )
  • higher porosity for Filtration grades
  • better combination of DP-brightness-dirt for ether grades
  • Elimination of plastic contamination
  • lower water consumption
  • lower COD in effluent

For companies who think about setting up a pulping unit

I will consult you for

  • the acceptable unit capacity
  • The probable Project cost
  • the market for your produced pulp
  • the process to choose to satisfy this market
  • environmental acceptance of your Project

For Cotton Linters pulp consumers

  • Audit existing or new suppliers
  • find new suppliers
  • consult suppliers for new/challenging parameter demands